**As of May 14th**

We'll be open for onsite dining starting tomorrow, Friday, May 15th!

- All indoor and outdoor tables are set up to allow for social distancing

- We'll be operating at 50% capacity for now 

- Our hours will remain temporarily limited, of 7am-1pm Monday-Saturday

- We'll continue to follow all health and safety precautions we've been doing the past few weeks, and we ask that customers all be responsible in terms of their own health

Can't wait to have some energy back in here!

** As of April 27th **

We'll be reopening starting this Friday, May 1st, at 7am. We'll be operating as carry out/curbside only, and under limited hours of 7am - 1pm, Monday - Saturday. You're welcome to come in to place your order, although we'll be maintaining social distancing and a limit of 10 people inside. You can also call in your order, or place it on our new online ordering site (www.birchandbanyancoffeetogo.com). This site will be active for orders starting Friday morning. There will be cones in front of our building signifying parking for curbside pick up.

In order to maintain the health of our guests and staff, we will have a series of steps we'll be taking. This will include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Individually wrapped bakery, condiments, cutlery, etc.

- iPads and counters sanitized between every customer

- Doorknobs sanitized as often as possible

- Staff will be regularly following heightened personal hygiene protocols

- Social distancing of 6 feet between customers

- No reusable cups/thermoses will be accepted until further notice

- Health checks for staff before each shift

We ask that you as our customers help maintain our workspace by using the available hand sanitizer, covering any coughs, and staying home if you're sick. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we can't wait to serve you again!


** As of March 23rd, at 1:00pm **

Temporarily closed. Digital gift cards available here: http://bit.ly/birchbanyan


** As of March 17th, at 1:00pm **

This is the most difficult decision I’ve had to make for this business. As I said in our statement last week, being here for our customers is a privilege that we do not take lightly. However, with the recent recommendations of avoiding crowds of more than 10 people, I cannot, in good conscience, continue normal operations and essentially be part of the problem by creating a space for people to congregate. 


Many are saying that this is an overreaction, but I guess I’d rather overreact now than underreact and live with the weight of that decision. Having to take away a place where people feel safe is sickening. Having to take security away from my staff is heartbreaking.


But at this point we’ve decided to move to carry out only, and under limited hours. This means customers will not be allowed to stay and sit with their beverages. We will be open from 6am – 1pm. Please understand that this is a fluid situation, so things may change. We are also no longer going to accept travel mugs. We will offer curbside service if you call your order in and pay via credit card. All of these changes go into effect starting Wednesday, March 18th.


I eagerly wait for this to be over and to be at full function again. I hope you all continue to support your favorite small businesses when we’re back. In the meantime, I personally implore you all to be as patient and compassionate as possible. Unprecedented decisions are being made, and I’m confident that everyone making those decisions is not doing so lightly. We’d all rather not have to do these things, so let’s please unite in the idea that this scenario is nobody’s fault, and try to simply support each other.


Please feel free to reach out to my email, jessie@birchandbanyancoffee.com, with any questions, comments, ideas, complaints (although if it’s the latter, maybe cushion the blow with a cute dog picture?).


Thank you all!

Jessie Puzach


150 E Capitol Drive, Hartland, WI 53029