Hello! Welcome to the brand new Birch & Banyan Blog (and you thought there was alliteration before this…). Now that we have almost a whole year under our belt, it’s time to start writing this!

First order of business: THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that has been into the shop. This place is a dream come true, and it warms my heart every single day to see our regulars keep coming back, and to see new faces that are checking us out based on positive recommendations. This place would not exist, much less be thriving one year in, without you.

Alright, a quick introduction and some thank-yous. My name is Jessie Senglaub, and I’m the owner of Birch & Banyan Coffee. Most of you reading this have probably met me before, but if not, come introduce yourself. I wouldn’t be here without my wonderful team, but a special shout out to my “momager” (never thought I’d have reason to use that phrase). My amazing mom is here just about as often as I am, helping to manage the shop and being her wonderful and nice self. I would not be here without the help of her keeping things going on a day-to-day basis, nor without the help of my dad putting in incredible work behind the scenes as I made plans, went through the funding process, and tackled all the real estate. An additional thank you to my fiancé, who had no idea the work he was signing up for when I closed on this building four weeks after we met, and many of our early dates were doing demolition with my family late evenings after work. Also a thank you to my sister, who comes by even though she’s not even a coffee drinker (gasp!).

I won’t draw this out too much, but I wanted to kick start this blog with an introduction and a promise. In every interview I lead, I outline to my potential staff that my two biggest values here are cleanliness and customer service. My promise is that we will work as hard as we can to live up to those ideals. We are thrilled to be part of Hartland, and our goal is to be your local “Cheers”, where you know that you will walk inside to friendly faces and that we genuinely care about you all and this community.

150 E Capitol Drive, Hartland, WI 53029