Meet Mel!

When I was looking for a job that would work with my crazy school schedule back in 2017, my sister (who worked with Jessie at Caribou years ago) told me that she was hiring at her new shop in Hartland. I applied and the rest is history! My 2 year anniversary will be August 1st! 

What I love about Birch & Banyan is the location. We have so many awesome regulars next door (on both sides) and across the street who make everyday fun. I have made some pretty awesome friends (who were regulars first) and I would have never met them if it weren’t for the shop. What I also love is that we attract the nicest people to work here. I really love all of my co-workers.

So a little about me—I am currently studying graphic design at WCTC and will be graduating next May (it can’t come soon enough!) Besides working at Birch & Banyan, I also work as a Digital Graphic Designer for CL Content Marketing! I currently live in Waukesha with my husband and when we’re not working, we love to travel around the U.S. This summer we’ll be doing a mini trip to Nashville and Memphis to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (next time you’re in, let me know what BBQ restaurants we should eat at while we’re there!)

Fun fact: My favorite drinks are iced cinnamon and honey oat milk lattes and iced (or blended) white chocolate coconut mochas. SOOOOO GOOD!

150 E Capitol Drive, Hartland, WI 53029