Top 4 Coffee Trends

Hello! Welcome back to all of our return visitors! If you’re new to this blog, don’t worry, we’re only on the second post. You can catch up and meet us by reading our introduction.

Anyways, it’s time to bring everyone up to speed on some trends we’re seeing in the coffee world. We’re working on bringing some of these to life in our shop over the coming months.

1. Nitro Cold Brew

This one in particular is popping up quickly and it’s one we’re working to have by summer. Instead of having your favorite beer on tap, you’ll be able to have your favorite coffee on tap. It means a keg and a tapper, just like you’re imagining. What it produces is cold brew that’s infused with nitrogen and results in a creamier taste, a carbonated texture, and extra caffeine!

2. Presentation

In the age of social media, this one should be no surprise. There are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to latte art. Don’t believe me? Look up @ben_morrow, @rhysodd, or @latteartporn. It’s becoming more important to that younger generation we just talked about to post images of their drinks, so it’s more important to us to serve them in impressive way.

3. Mushroom coffee

I know, I know, this one threw me the first time I heard about it, too. But it turns out, it’s great, and we’ll be carrying this soon, too! Chaga is a type of mushroom found on birch branches, so it’s fate that we have this here. We’ll have it on our menu soon as an add-on for coffee. It has more antioxidants than anything on the planet, has immune boosting properties, and anti-viral effects. So basically, it’s magical.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles are another one we’ve embraced! Have you tried our Berry Espresso Tonic yet? We’ll have it on our menu all summer long. Espresso tonics are slowly popping up in more and more shops around the country. Think of it like a cocktail, sort of like a gin and tonic, but with espresso instead of gin. So it’s espresso, tonic water, and, in our case, either blackberry or raspberry flavoring. Very unique, very wonderful!

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