View from J2!

My name is Jessi Cassel. Or, at Birch & Banyan, the “other Jessi.” Or “J2” by a select few. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL where I met my husband of two years. I attended film school in West Palm Beach, FL and stayed in the area up until moving to Wisconsin to marry my husband. Love, right?! In reality, I have grown to absolutely love the Lake Country area. It is utterly different from where I grew up and such a different type of beauty. I love that it has such a sweet small town charm but with big city amenities. I’m very grateful!

I started working at Birch & Banyan to earn supplemental income in addition to my career as a videographer. I was in between a few coffee shops to apply, but after visiting B&B a few times I was very struck by how much Jessie took pride in this shop and how involved/humble she was as an owner. I was captivated by the homey atmosphere and knew I just needed to pursue it! And I’m glad I did! Next month will be my one year anniversary at the shop.

There are so many things I enjoy about working here. I absolutely love working at the espresso bar and it’s weirdly a creative outlet for me. My coworkers are precious comrades and the customers MAKE the job. Seriously. We have the best customers. I obviously enjoy learning their names and their regular drinks (y’all are so predictable). But I just love learning about their lives from their kids’ ages, their vacations, their jobs, what they’re watching on Netflix, and just everything under the sun! This job has made it so much easier for this newbie to feel a part of the community.

When I am not working at B&B, I am doing freelance work around the area or I am working from home as a video/audio editor. The church is a huge part of my life, it is the most refreshing community. I serve alongside my husband in the youth ministry and we host a weekly bible study in our home for the young adults. It doesn’t get better than that! I also try to spend as much time as possible outdoors or at the lake if it’s bearable outside!

Fun fact: I didn’t learn how to drive in the snow until I was 25. Yep. Still learning. If you see me driving obnoxiously slow around town in a few months, I am sorry and have mercy on me!

If I haven’t met you already, stop in and say hi! Grab yourself an iced almond milk latte, my personal favorite.

150 E Capitol Drive, Hartland, WI 53029